Usher Schedule
Scheduled Ushers for 2018
Updated December 6, 2017
The following is for three Ushers per FPC Mabank Session
  USHER #1 (Lead) USHER #2 USHER #3 & 4
1st Sunday   Harry McCune  
  Judith Wagner 
  Jim Wagner 
2nd Sunday   Jerry Cryer 
  Kathy Cryer 
  John White
3rd Sunday   Lavonne Dennis
  Guy Gorden
 Linda Mynar
4th Sunday    Bill Burnett  
 Mary Brown
  Bill Brown
5th Sunday   George Godson
Geneice Morris
 Jeff LaRue
Usher Alternates:
  Becky Barber  
Judy Nash
Gerry Davis
   Lisa Schlebach  
  June Tinsley 
Kathy LaRue
Attendance Counters:         Usher Duties Under the Emergency Action Plan
1.               Jeff LaRue
2.              Bill Burnett
Usher #1 is the Lead Usher; Lead evacuation for any emergency; or, as appropriate; for Shelter in Place, move congregation from Sanctuary to Narthex; ensure Kaufman County Sheriff’s Dispatch (972) 932-9799 is notified; identify Faith Community Nurses; Point of Contact for Emergency Personnel
Usher #2; Check and clear Choir Room, Church Parlor and Church Offices; for Shelter in Place lead to Vestibule for Shelter in Place
Usher #3; Check and clear Second Floor Rooms to lower level;
for Shelter in Place lead to Restrooms for Shelter in Place
Usher #3; Check and clear Fellowship Hall, Nursery, downstairs Sunday School Rooms and Busy Bees Room;
for Shelter in Place lead to Restrooms for Shelter in Place.
NOTE: If you are unable to be in attendance, please use this sheet to find a replacement then notify Judy Nash so the Bulletin can be correct and let Phil Becker know of the change.

USHER DUTIES Ushers are asked to be in place by 8:25 AM, positioned by side door, front door opening towards West Mount Vernon Street, with one person at the doors into the Sanctuary to distribute bulletins; have hearing assistance units available; greet guests (escort them to seats, have them sign in and invite to Brunch) and be prepared to close three of the four doors at the beginning of the Service.  During the first hymn; circulate around the congregation to collect Prayer Requests and deliver to the Pastor during the last verse of the hymn.  Please notify the Sound Technician if the sound levels are not satisfactory.  Approach the Pastor to accept the Offertory Plates and circulate; return the Plates during the Doxology and return to their seats during the Last Hymn.  Collect the Sign In Pads, remove waste paper, collect Communion Cups if applicable, turn off the Sanctuary Lights and ensure the thermostats are corrected. Lead Usher should check the Sanctuary to ensure that it is ready for use; clean and orderly.  Great thanks to all for this help! !
Welcome to First Presbyterian Church of Mabank, Texas