Christian Education

POSTED 5/11/2016

Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

There seems to be an interest in the congregation for re-starting the Wednesday Bible Study that has been done in the past. I am willing to lead, or at least assist, in doing this. However, I think there are 2 points that we can keep in mind:

First, we do not necessarily need to meet on a Wednesday, if there is another day that would be more convenient for the majority … and the time is likewise open for consideration.

And also, such a group study/discussion does not necessarily have to be limited to just the Bible per se, as there is a very rich breadth of spiritual/religious material that can be used, although whatever is used should in some way be based on the Christian faith and scripture.

Another very important point, whatever we do use that is not actually the Bible should easily lend itself to group ‘discussion.’ Put another way, there are lots of great books out there that in some way are based on Christianity and very interesting to read, but they do not necessarily lead to group discussion very well. If we do use the Bible, there are a lot of curriculum materials and study guides out there for just that purpose. And of course, we can always change the format over time for the sake of variety.

Also, the restart of this is NOT intended in any way to replace or diminish the present adult class that meets after brunch on Sunday mornings. It is instead intended to supplement that class and possibly reach a wider or slightly different group of participants.

Whatever we end up doing should be based on what the majority wants. So, please let me know what you think … by responding to this email, leaving a message with Judy in the church office, or you can write your suggestion on a piece of paper and insert it into the pastoral care box in the back of the sanctuary.

Thanks for your input!

Phillip Million, Pastor

Welcome to First Presbyterian Church of Mabank, Texas