Prayer Shawl Ministry
Prayer Shawl Ministry at First Presbyterian Church, Mabank includes any and all who wish to participate in any way. Some participate by actually knitting, or crocheting prayer shawls. Others participate by donating funds, and/or materials to the creation of the shawls. Still, others participate by simply requesting that prayer shawls be created for, and given to, specific individuals. (Prayer shawl recipients may or may not be members of this congregation.)

What is a prayer shawl?
The prayer shawl is a symbol - a reminder. First and foremost, it symbolizes the love, care, and concern that God has for each of us. Its warmth, soft texture, and beauty reflect the warmth, softness, and beauty of God's love. Further, the shawl symbolizes the love that Christians have for others. As a symbol, the shawl helps in many ways. First, it reminds us of the love we share among ourselves. The shawl also helps "focus" on God and His wonderful love. As a person creates, gives, or receives a shawl, he/she can use the shawl as a point-of-focus on God's love and the love of Christians.
How are the prayer shawls created?
The shawls are knitted or crocheted by individuals participating in the ministry - men, women, church members, and friends, anyone who wishes.
Who decides who receives the shawls?
Anyone can request that a shawl be created and can designate a particular recipient for that shawl. The recipient does not have to be a member of this congregation. Once the shawl has been created, it will be given to the designated recipient (by the ministry, or by the person who requested it).
Why would I want to create or request a shawl?
Shawls are usually, but not necessarily, given in celebration, appreciation, or recognition of a person or an event in a person's life. They are an outward and tangible sign of God's love and Christian love. They may be given at happy times (weddings, births or birthdays, etc.) or in a time of sadness (illness, bereavement, other loss).
Who can knit/crochet the shawls?
You can, if you wish - even if you don't know how to knit or crochet! We have several in our group who'll happily teach you. The ministry is wide open to everyone (women of the church, men of the church, friends).
Do the shawl "creators" work together or independently?
Both. We meet at the church on the first Wednesday of the month at 1:00 p.m. for about an hour. There we share and learn and work together. We especially use this time to focus on God's love - the love that the shawls symbolize. Then we work independently to do most of the knitting and/or crocheting. Everyone is very welcome to join us during our Wednesday meetings - whether they are actually shawl "creators" or not. It's a great time for fellowship and reflecting on God's love.
What if I can't come that Wednesday?
Come as often as you can. Regular attendance is not required.
How long does it take to create a shawl?
That depends on you, the shawl's creator. It depends upon your experience, your speed, the time you have to spend on it each day. Some shawls can be created in as little as a couple of days; others take weeks or even months.
Other questions?
If you are interested in participating, or have other questions, contact the church office at 1-903-887-2571

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