Brunch Schedule

Brunch News!
  • If you know ahead of Newsletter publication (and Brunch Assignments) that you will be unavailable to serve Brunch for certain dates, please let Joan Becker know and she will not assign you to those dates.
  • On another note, Joan is trying to make sure you do not get scheduled for Brunch when you are assigned as an Usher, Serve Communion, or are Liturgist.
  • Due to the decrease in the number of folks available to serve Brunch, you may find that you are scheduled more frequently for Brunch duty. Thank you for your ongoing support of this program!
Brunch Teams 2017

 Team Members – swap with someone if you cannot serve.
*Captains – Call your Team Members early in the week.
***Please note any changes on the roster in the kitchen***

November/December/January Brunch Teams

November 5
No Brunch (due to Fall Festival)
November 12
*Joan & Phil Becker
Geneice Morris & George Godson
Mary Ann Odom
November 19
*Bev & Guy Gorden
Nancy & Mike Vander Giessen
Keala Bonsal
November 26
*Karen & Mitch Thompson
Judith & Jim Wagner
Bert Kniseley

December Brunch Schedule
December 3
*Bill  & Anne Burnett
Geralyn Million
Linda Mynar
December 10
*Joan  & Phil Becker
Denise & Jeff Irion
Jean & Mike Secor
December 17
*Jerry & Kathy Cryer
Jeff & Kathy LaRue
Margaret Ann Trail
December 24
*Geneice Morris & George Godson
June Tinsley
December 31
*Mary Brown
Pam Dotson
Jenny Duncan

January Brunch Schedule

January 7
*Lavonne Dennis,
Karen Thompson,
John White

January 14
*Bev Gorden,
Harry McCune,
Mary Ann Odom

January 21
*Judith Wagner,
Richard Siemens,
Nancy Vander Giessen

January 28
*Arlene Johnson/Betty Thompson,
Becky & Judy,
Shirley English

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