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Announcing the theme for the
Summer Tea 2018


Nature and all its' wonders presents us with so many creative opportunities. It is going to be hard to focus in on something! There is so much to choose from!! Anyone is welcomed to sign up to do a table.... but don't wait too long... they go fast!

Summer Tea Brochure 2017








Herzlich Wellkommen!

Ahlaan Bik!


2017 Summer Tea 


Regardless of how we say it, we are so happy you are joining us today at our 9th annual Summer Tea. This year, we are travelling around the world...north, south, east and west. We have them all covered.  Again, our table designers have surprised us with their country choices and table designs. Did you expect to see Iceland? What about Egypt?

Our menu also reflects all of the countries represented in the table themes. So, you can expect (among other things) something wonderful from France, a popular street dish from Mexico and some very special Norwegian treats!      

 Please take time to look at the tables. The designers work very hard on their tables and they will each be at their tables to greet you. Again, welcome, and thank you for coming. It really is a small world, isn't it?




The tastes and flavors of the middle east are hard to beat and Egyptian Mint limeades no exception.


Asian noodles mixed with crisp fresh vegetables in a creamy somewhat spicy peanut sauce.


A rustic Tuscan dish combining just the right ingredients gathered in and around a hillside villa.


An "off the cob" version of Elotes, this popular Mexican street dish is gaining popularity in the USA.  Our little Food Truck in Mabank is serving it too!


With Iceland's climate, most of their food is imported.  They do grow some of their vegetables and cucumbers are very popular.... the perfect side dish for an Icelandic meal.


An imported Gouda Cheese from Holland and Mini Babybel which was launched in France in 1977.  It is very similar to Edam.  



In Scotland, the scone is a national institution.  Although, the English eat scones primarily at tea time, the Scots eat them almost anytime. The sweet cream is Devon cream.


Berthillon, near Notre Dame in Paris is arguably the best glace' and sorbet store in the world.  Their delightful flavors are amazing treats! So, close your eyes, take a bite and imagine your own Parisienne getaway!


These lovely cookies are lovingly made one at a time!





Our coffee is select 100% Arabica. Arabica coffee beans are considered the very best Originally indigenous to the forests of the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia, they are now also grown in South America and Africa.


A delightful touch of Austria, this coffee is topped with cream and chocolate!




 When I was a little girl, I'm not sure why, but I had such a fascination with Holland; Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates, wooden shoes, Dutch girl hats, and of course, the tulips. I dreamed of seeing windmills and fields of blooming tulips someday. In our home, was a set of framed antique prints of a Dutch boy and girl.... Hans and Katrinka. I still, to this day, have them. So, this "Dutch thing" continues in my life. During my days at Hallmark, I worked with the famous Dutch artist, Marjolein Bastin and made many, many work related trips to the Netherlands. It was then during those visits that my dreams were realized. What a treat!

The centerpiece on my table is a windmill made from a cardboard box and foam sheets and LOTS of glue! The dishes came from a Dutch company and the design, another favorite of mine, red and white gingham! The table cloths are layered red, gingham and polka dots. I painted small tulip canvases as gifts for each of my guests. The chairs are decorated with bouquets of tulips and gingham taffeta bows. The mantle and hearth are bedecked with wooden shoes and what else? Tulips!

Hostess/Table Designer: Mary Ann Odom



One of the strangest things in Apollo 11's moon bound cargo, proudly worn by astronaut Neil Armstrong at the moment of taking his first "giant leap for mankind" was a strip of his own tartan. Now on display at the museum of Scottish tartans in Comrie, the moon exhibit illustrates both the heroic and the multiple strands woven into the story of Highland dress. With the possible exception of whiskey, no national emblem of Scotland has a wider, more emotive appeal than the tartan. So, naturally, we have used many, many tartans on this table.... honoring Scotland.

Picture yourself sitting down to a meal in a wonderful old stone Hunting Lodge somewhere in the Highlands. Tall candlesticks and a stag with plaid bows are the table's centerpiece. A black plate and a Wallace tartan plate are resting on a burnished tin charger. The Ralph Lauren glasses are Stewart and Black Watch tartans. The napkins are all Tea towels in various plaids and each chair is draped with a different throw. Accent pieces are pewter and other metals.  The guests' gifts are wrapped in a plaid wrapping paper. Hanging over the table are pennant banners...perhaps in celebration of a day of hunting, games and festivities? Wouldn't it be great to be in the Highlands today?

Hostess/Table Designer: Jenny Duncan and Friends




French women have always been known for their amazing style. They have the ability to shop their closet, choosing this blouse and that skirt, throwing a cardigan over their shoulders, adding a fabulous scarf and they end up looking like a million dollars. Taking our signals of the casual way and ease of putting things together by the French women, we are focusing on the French countryside. Think of a wonderful stone farmhouse somewhere in Provence surrounded by fields of lavender, sunflowers and vineyards. The warm rich colors of the earth, the flowers, the sky and the sea create the mood. Looking for textures, colors and patterns to create a special table setting, the farmhouse is searched both inside and outside. Things pulled together include baskets, sunflowers, blown glass, breads, eggs, herbs, wildflowers and always the very best dishes. The blue and white china, "Blue Danube" sets the tone and the glasses are white milk glass. The gifts to the guests are jars of "just made" jelly and the chairs are decorated with sunflowers from a trip to the early morning street market. It's a gorgeous day, the sun is shining and as Vincent van Gogh wrote in one of his letters, "The color here is really beautiful".

 Hostess/Table Designer: Anne Burnett and Friends



It was not difficult for me to pick this amazing country since it's my place of birth. The charming historical city of Vienna is where my life story began.

SALZBURG; literally Salt fortress or Salt Castle, is the fourth largest city in Austria. The old town is renowned for its baroque architecture and is one of the best-preserved city centers north of the Alps. Salzburg was also the birthplace of 18th century composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, born on January 27th, 1756. In the mid-20th century the city was the setting for the musical play and film 'The Sound of Music' which was released on April 1st, 1965.

The famous opening scene of Julie Andrews twirling on the mountaintop may look effortless. It was anything but. Not only was it raining and cold throughout the production, the helicopter kept knocking Andrews over. "This was a jet helicopter," she said “and the downdraft from those jets was so strong that every time...the helicopter circled around me just flattened me into the grass, and I mean flattened. It was fine for a couple of takes, but after a while you begin to get just a little bit angry. I really tried. I mean I braced myself, I thought it's not going to get me this time, and every single time, I bit the dust...." Julie Andrews.

 Host/Table Designer: Thomas Andreas Weigl, W Haus Décor & More



A country of sharp contrasts. Fire and ice co-exist. Dark winters are offset by the summer’s midnight sun. There are volcanic formations and active volcanoes, fjords, cliffs and waterfalls, black sand and rocky beaches, glaciers, hot springs and gushing geysers. Vegetation is not lush. Long ago unwise cutting of wood denuded the land. Hardy mosses are slowly growing and spreading over the rocky ground. Summer seashores team with puffins, gannets, arctic terns, and gulls. Yellow dandelions are the most common flower. Isolated farms grow hay and raise some sheep and cattle. Fishing is the economic lifeblood.

Iceland was settled over 1100 years ago by seafarers in search of a refuge for Nordic freeholders escaping from oppression with their Celtic slaves. The first National Assembly met in 930. The language is Icelandic, an ancient Nordic tongue. The colors in the Iceland flag are symbolic: red for volcanic fires, white for snow and glaciers and blue for sky.

A tour into the countryside to view geysers and the moonlike landscape included a stop at a tiny ancient wooden church where members from over 400 years were listed on the walls. Ladies of the church served a simple lunch family style: steaming platters of boiled cod and white potatoes, rye bread and sliced cucumbers locally grown in hot houses heated by geothermal springs.

Reflecting the Icelandic countryside, the table is set with Noritake’s “The Monterey” china and tableware of Dirilyte’s Regal pattern.

 Hostess/Table Designer: Margaret Ann Trail



Bienvenido! Mi casa es su casa. Enjoy your time at our Mexico table, where we have concentrated on the joy of the fiesta.  Musica!  Cantar!  Bailar!  Beber! Comer, amigas!

The vivid colors and iconic images of joyous Mexican life are here: brilliant shades of red, green, yellow, pink, all inviting your smiles and fun. We begin with the red tablecloth for starters, the woven placemats, and the mustard yellow plates for the basis and go from there with various aspects of fiesta time and life in Mexico. Our burro piñata is repeated in the small multicolored burro whose burden is the place card for each seat at the table.

Red jalapenos evoke the spice of Mexican life in the centerpiece and the napkins, which are tied with raffia displaying tiny glass peppers. The chair backs hung with pennants reflect the colorful designs of Mexican style. And flowers and flowers—everywhere!

Guitar, maracas, wildly colorful skirt shout fiesta and call for dancing. The clay fireplace suggests settling in at home; the church reminds us of the importance of faith among the people of Mexico. Viva, Mexicans at heart!

 Hostess/Table Designer: Lavonne Dennis, Shirley Derden, Jo Anderson



On your tour of the world, come visit an oasis in the middle of the desert that is fit for an Egyptian king.  Sit down in luxury under the shade of the palm and enjoy the cool breeze of the Nile.  Let your eyes rest upon the pyramid and other symbols of Egypt.  The great pyramid of Giza is the only one of the seven wonders of the ancient world that is still standing.

King Tut and Queen Nefertiti invite you to our table to celebrate the traditions and mysteries of this ancient country.  You will be served a luscious meal on golden plates, refreshed with a sweet beverage in jeweled goblets and delighted with a delicious dessert.  All fit for a pharaoh. 

We hope that you enjoy your visit to Egypt.  Your guest gift is also inspired by the treasures of that mysterious world. 

 Hostess/Table Designer: Carlene Ferguson and Celia Smith



Like Peter Pan, we don’t wanna grow up! So we have combined images from JM Barrie’s forever-boy and those popularized by Disney imagineers.

The eternal boyhood of Peter suggests the greens and browns of the mischievous youngster as though he were a child of the forest. The décor emphasizes the roughness of Peter through burlap, jute, wood, and bamboo; the lightness of flying children and fairies is suggested by the filmy tablecloth overlay and Neverland flag.

Though Peter Pan named Neverland and he and others are in evidence here, the main part of his fantasy land is overtaken by the fairies. Topmost of all is Tinkerbell. Here is the fairy garden, with fairy-size garden furniture and a twig-and-leaf structure flung up by the boys and abandoned.  In another area Captain Hook commands the pirate ship and assiduously tries to avoid the ominous ticking crocodile. Also, the mermaids of the lagoon loll on the rock; there’s the little house in the woods built for Wendy as she mothers the others.

Chair backs feature Neverland characters; Peter and Tink perch on a cloud overlooking all below.

We don’t want to grow up. For us, it’s the second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning. And as long as we have faith, we can fly.

 Hostess/Table Designer: Lavonne Dennis, Shirley Derden, Jo Anderson



The Norway table with the mannequin dressed in the Norwegian outfit from Norway and the porcelain dolls dressed in different colored outfits represent the different townships of Norway.  The porcelain dolls dressed in blue represent the township of Lillehammer and the dolls dressed in black represent the township of Telemark. 

The Rosemal painting on the wooden bowl and the dishes is an art of folklore painting dating back to 1750.  The folklore painting was the living of the peasants.  The Norwegian women did the baking.  They baked flat bread made of potatoes and cooked on a special grill and the dough was rolled out with a grooved rolling pin.  Certain cookies are baked on a special grill one at a time which takes about an hour to finish a batch of cookies.

Think of Norway with the peaceful valleys, lakes, rushing waters, beautiful artwork and rich pastries.  Every year, first weekend in December, the Norwegian community in Clifton, Texas celebrates their Norwegian heritage.

Come by and visit Norway.

 Hostess/Table Designer: Arlene Johnson



Distant drumbeats, roaring lions, trumpeting elephants…enter into the east African nation of Kenya. This equatorial country is known for its coffee and tea exports and its diverse wildlife. Kenya’s wildlife is unrivalled by any other in the world, both in terms of numbersand variety of species. Thousands of tourists visit Kenya every year to view the wildlife especially the annual wildebeest migration. 

Enjoy a tea time safari at my table—no big game hunting—just an appreciation for the wildlife and culture of this African nation. My favorite animal, the zebra, is reflected in the patterns of the table design. Black and white animal print plates feature many of the “big five” African animals. Authentic African crafts, masks, and jewelry mingle with figures of animals in the tablescape thanks to several friends who loaned me their treasures. Two framed pastel paintings of a rhino and zebras, my own work, carry the theme to the walls. Imagine dining outside your tent on the Serengeti, camera at the ready, just in case a giraffe decides to join you. What tales you’ll have to tell when you return home!

 Hostess/Table Designer: Celine Terry

Thank You!


Merci, Danka, Gracias, Tapadh Leibh, Tank Je, Takk, Pakka Per, Grazie There just aren't enough ways to say Thank You to all those who are so willing to help on the Tea. We did a final count and it takes over 50 people giving their time and talents in order to get everything done! To each and every one of you, we are eternally grateful. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful church family. Thank you, Gracias, Grazie etc...


Looking Ahead!


Fall Festival


·         Sunday November 5

2:00–5:00: Busy Bee Sale, Bake Sale

·         Monday November 6

10:00–4:00: Busy Bee Sale, Bake Sale

·         Tuesday November 7

10:00–2:00: Lunch

10:00–4:00: Busy Bee Sale, Bake Sale



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