Building & Grounds Committee


The Building and Grounds Committee assists the Session in fulfilling the requirements of the Book of Order, G-10.0102 o.

  • To provide for the management of the property of the church, including determination of the appropriate use of church buildings and facilities, and in conjunction with the trustees to obtain property and liability insurance coverage to protect the facilities, programs, and officers, including members of the session, staff, board of trustees, and deacons.


 The Building and Grounds committee shall consist of not less than three members.  The Moderator of the committee must be an elder on the Session, and the committee may elect a Co-moderator from its membership.  Members of this committee will be received at the first stated meeting of the Session in January of each year.  The Committee should meet regularly. 


 The Building and Grounds Committee is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • To provide for the maintenance and supervision of the use of the building and grounds

  • To enforce the policy “Use of Facilities of First Presbyterian Church, Mabank,” and is attached as part of the job description;

  • To secure additional furniture and equipment, in consultation with other committees;

  • To maintain adequate insurance on all church properties.

                                (1/21/2002rghapproved by Session 3/04/2002; approved by Session August 23, 2009)








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Buildings And Grounds Committee










                                 (Revised May 19, 2019) (05/19/2019 approved by Session)




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