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Weekly Pastoral Message - Week of October 16

I invite you to pull out of your wallet or your pocket a dollar bill or a coin. Aside from some indication of how much it is worth, what do you see? Well, you should see the image of one of the Presidents of the United States. If it is a one-dollar bill you see the image of George Washington, and if it is a five-dollar bill then you see the image of Abraham Lincoln. And if you have a coin you should likewise see an image of a President. What else do you see? On both a coin and a bill you should see the printing of the name of our country, The United States of America. The name indicates whose property the money ultimately is, as our money is a part of the Federal Reserve.

And with our money we pay taxes to our government. We don’t like doing that, but it must ultimately be done. But neither did the Jews of Jesus’ time like paying taxes either. The question that confronted devout Jews was, ‘to whom do we owe our allegiance ... God or the Roman Emperor?’

And that was the question that the Pharisees used to try to trap Jesus. Either way he answered the question he would end up in trouble by alienating someone. It was sort of a ‘gotcha’ question! But the Pharisees were amazed at the answer that Jesus gave them.

Scripture readings for this Sunday are Isaiah 45:1-7, and Matthew 22:15-22.
See you on Sunday!

Pastor Phil






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