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We kick off Summer on the liturgical calendar with Pentecost and Trinity Sunday.  Pentecost reminds us of the imparting of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples in a rush of wind, and they are transformed, speaking in new and mysterious ways to share the good news of Jesus Christ.  Trinity Sunday highlights the triune nature of God and it pulls together several events in the preceding months of the liturgical calendar celebrating those mighty acts of God.  At Christmas-Epiphany, God comes into the world in mortal flesh in the form of Jesus Christ.  At Easter we walk in the shadows of Christ’s death and rejoice in His resurrection.  As I just mentioned, at Pentecost, God sends the Holy Spirit – the third person of the trinity, to rest upon the disciples and commissions them to spread the news of God into an anxious world.  The Holy Spirit continues to guide us and teach us today.  As Christians, this triune model demonstrates a creator who is not only great and powerful, but relational and accessible.  God wants to be in relationship with creation so much that God lived a human life just like ours and showed us exactly how a human life should look.  As we face challenges in our personal lives and witness events in the world which damage and destroy, we are called to respond following the example of Jesus Christ and that can be uncomfortable.  In his book, “The Cost of Discipleship”, theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote, “Every moment and every situation challenges us to action and to obedience. We have literally no time to sit down and ask ourselves whether so-and-so is our neighbor or not. We must get into action and obey—we must behave like a neighbor to him.”  We know what to do.  The challenge to us is to follow through.  May the Holy Spirit move through each of us and guide our hearts as we live as God’s beloved children.  If you haven't been to church in a while or belive that you are unworthy or unwelcome or that church goers are judgmental and condeming, come visit us.  I think we can change your mind.

Pastor Jim

Welcome to First Presbyterian Church of Mabank, Texas