Pastor's Page 

Here we are friends, at the conclusion of one year and the beginning of another.  As I look back on 2021, I will admit that it was a year of vast change for us all.  On January 1 2021, we put our house on the market not knowing that we’d have an offer on January 7, with no other house in mind.  When the offer came through, we kicked into high gear in our house search and found one six days later, made an offer and sighed with relief when the offer was accepted and the contract signed on January 13.  Exactly one month later on February 13, we had movers scheduled, however the weather had other plans.  Our movers cancelled that morning with the impending massive snow storm, so we quickly packed a small U-Haul with a few essentials and moved in to our house just 5 miles from the church.  We had no idea that the snowstorm would keep us sequestered us inside for about 5 days.  

The year would bring more surprises when I received a call from Grace Presbytery a few weeks later asking about my plans as a commissioned pastor.  When I found out that First Presbyterian Church of Mabank was looking for a part-time pastor, I was gobsmacked (yes, it’s a word – it’s in Merriam-Webster).  I met with Richard Siemens and MaryAnn Odom at Hector’s and the rest as they say, is history.  Not long after I started here, someone told me, “We’re so happy that you’re here, but I have to say you’re not what we expected.”  I replied, “Well, you’re not what we expected either.”  This year as been a blessing beyond anything I could have ever expected.  I look forward with great hope in the coming year and I want to thank everyone in this community of faith for the leap of faith in welcoming us here. If you haven't found a church home yet, come see us!

Pastor Jim

Welcome to First Presbyterian Church of Mabank, Texas