Christian Education Committee



 The Christian Education Committee assists the Session in fulfilling the requirements of the Book of Order, G-10.0102  a. e. f.

  • “To provide opportunities for evangelism to be learned and practiced in and by the church, that members may be better equipped to articulate their faith, to witness in word and deed to the saving grace of Jesus Christ, and to invite persons into a new life in Christ, in accordance with G-3.0300;

  • “To provide for the growth of its members and for their equipment for ministry through personal and pastoral care, educational programs including the church school, sharing in fellowship and mutual support, and opportunities for witness and service in the world;

  • “To develop and supervise the church school and the educational program of the church;

The Christian Education Committee shall consist of not less than five members.  The Moderator must be an elder currently serving on the Session, with a co-moderator to be a member of the committee, not necessarily an elder. At the first meeting of the Session in January, the membership of the committee is received.  The pastor is an ex-officio member of the committee.  The Committee should meet monthly.
The Christian Education Committee is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • To analyze and evaluate the whole program of Christian nurture, which includes the Church School program, women’s work, men’s work and youth ministry;

  • To select and recommend to the Session the church curriculum materials and teachers, who, with the exception of the pastor and staff,  must be members of FPC;

  • To train teachers and officers;

  • To promote attendance at Presbytery, Synod and General Assembly camps and conferences, while promoting participation in program events of The Fellowship Parish;

  • To supervise and implement the Vacation Church School;

  • To select and recommend the Vacation Church School teaching staff and materials to the Session for approval;

  • To advise the Stewardship Committee of annual budget needs.

     (12/19/2001, Revised 1/05/2001rgh; 1/17/2002;approved by Session 1/28/2002; August 23, 2009)








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Christian Education Committee










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